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-A Revolution of the Mind, into a Universe full of possibilities- 

'Find the God Within'



      At I.G.C. Mystics, we pride ourselves in providing people with an opportunity to gain the proper tools and knowledge from  antiquity for advancement to 'Universal Consciousness and Existence.' First, you will learn the basis of the Emerald Tablet (Prima Matera) 'Prime Number Code' to understand how our soul, mind, body and spirit operate within the universal dimensional fields. Then, how to use 'Metaphysics in terms of Biological Quantum Electrodynamics' (new terms of alchemical magnum opus) to create Quantum entanglement within the human biological system ('Holy Trinity.')  Here, one gains their inner power and knowledge granted by transmutation to access the Higher-dimensional supergravity (11D) and Akashic Field.
     Members of I.G.C. Mystics can only act as a resource to help guide you on your journey toward positive enlightenment. Your decisions and beliefs are your own to choose through personal experience (we believe in FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION and this is not a religion or cult.) Know that we have left out many areas of study from this website which are beyond most mundane comprehension and also for certain public safety purposes.  The knowledge on this website is an introductory course, Gnostic in origin (Gnosis) and provided for people to help their community, whether in a mental, spiritual or physical way, because
WE NEED MORE HEROES (those who learned from it!!!!)

This organization was established based on ancient techniques of mysticism used in community service efforts by my ancestors for centuries. Our task now is to relate and apply the knowledge from past to the sciences and world of current day to help people. Anyone who assists in such efforts will be recognized."

 ~ Daniel Glass ~

A General Explanation:

'Metaphytsics in terms of 

Biological Quantum Electrodynamics'

(New terms of Alchemical Magnum Opus.)

      So, what would happen if we intensified a humans electromagnetic state? Such as the universe, our body is composed of electromagnetic radiation and quanta. Biologically, how else would explain the neurological processes that create body movement? Energy equals mass timesthe speed of light squared (Einstein's Special Relativity,) which on a biological and universal level becomes substance through electromagnetic impulse. We are just as our universe, one and the same. Here we find a certain power in realizing our connection; that the infinite expanse of the universe correlates to our biological and mental structure.

      This knowledge tells us that we operate in a realm of existence with just as many possibilities. The following passages on this site will explain, in order, the universal codes used to transmute by intensifying a humans electromagnetic state, thus altering our biological structure to reach henosis through use of alchemical magnum opus and why it is possible (with scientific publications provided to substantiate.) Then we provide you with the opportunity to join our club (free) or purchase products that will allow your change in electromagnetic state to take effect. There are also many other products and services on this website listed under our 'Mystic Tools' page which are presented to help you on your journey!




 ~ Coming Soon ~

1. 'Mystic Jewelry' franchise's alchemical products sponsored by

(patents pending.)

2. 'Mystic Tattoo' alchemical designs.

3. 'I.G. Remedies' products: lotions, herbal supplements, teas & tea franchise

(in production stages.)

4. 'I.G. Products' for mystics or based on alchemical principles

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 5. I.G.C. Mystics 'Training Manual & Peacekeepers Guide' Book:

(The following are a few chapters from the book Daniel Glass is writing on the process of

Transmutation through  Biological Quantum Electrodynamics a.k.a. Alchemical Magnum Opus.)

a. 'Protection in/ from 11D Realm.'

b. 'Energy building in 11D' (a 'Trinity.')

c. 'Your Universal Mind, A Master Computer.'

d. 'Aura Focus, Displacement & Use'

e. 'Meditation' (a 'Trinity.') 

f. 'Breathing and Movement' (a 'Trinity.')

g. 'Against All Odds, A Living Testament.'

(All names and parties involved in this book will be concealed for confidentiality purposes, unless with written consent.) 


 6. Freedom Frequencies Music.

7. Diamond Speaker Group.

8. Infinite Live Broadcast (podcast.)






**Our plan is to obtain Government Non- Profit approval once the I.G.C. Mystics organization is fully operational.** 

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